The « Flagrant Délit » meets Pascale Fournier!

As one of the 25 most influential lawyers in the country, Professor Pascale Fournier has been asked by the « Fagrant Délit », the Civil Law Section student newspaper, to answer questions for its “spotlight” section. The article has been published in the December Edition and it walks us through Pascale Fournier’s academic background, highlighting the elements that have contributed to develop her passion for justice and the challenges she has overcome in order to go up the academic ladder. Amongst other things, she speaks about her doctoral studies at Harvard Law School, the unique social environment she experienced there, and the values that directed her actions: “I learnt to work, to persevere, to never be satisfied and to do everything to reach my dreams!” said the Professor enthusiastically. Finally, opening an intimate door into her personal life, the Professor discusses the issues that are very close to her heart, her fascination for human beings on a planetary scale and the fundamental importance of her family, explaining her strong desire to raise her three boys as dynamic and community-driven citizens.

Fournier-Milton Trinity College

The Professor is seen here with her family in Ireland where she held a conference at Trinity College (April 2015)