Reframing Secularist Premises: Professor Fournier giving a conference at the University of Toronto

On January 10th 2017, Pascale Fournier, Full Professor of the Civil Law Section at the University of Ottawa and Research Chair in Legal Pluralism and Comparative Law, will have the pleasure of being an invited speaker of the Critical Analysis of Law workshop series of the University of Toronto. A graduate of the Masters of Law program (LL.M., 2000) of the Faculty of Law, the conference will mark a happy return to the University of Toronto for Professor Fournier.

Professor Fournier will give a conference entitled Reframing Secularist Premises: Divorce Among Traditional Muslim and Jewish Women within the Secular State. The talk, based on the similarly-titled article co-authored by Professor Fournier and Professor Jacques Berlinerblau, Director of the Centre for Jewish Civilization of the prestigious Georgetown University, will particularly interest the public intrigued by the issues arising at the intersection of the Law, gender, the family sphere and religion. The workshop is meant to be a timely discussion on, among other topics, secularism in the 21st century and is inspired by Professor Fournier’s field research.

The Critical Analysis of Law (CAL) workshop series, sponsored by the Faculty of Law and the Jackman Humanities Institute of the University of Toronto, aims to develop a rich and lively intellectual dialogue while fostering interdisciplinary academic curiosity. Started in 2010, the CAL series showcases the work of eminent academics known internationally and visiting from around the world. Established in 1887, the Faculty of Law of the University of Toronto is amongst the country’s most prestigious schools of law. The Jackman Humanities Institute, committed to advanced research and innovative teaching, is the portal of humanities of the University of Toronto.

Professor Fournier’s conference will take place on January 10th 2017 from 12:30 to 2pm, in the Solarium of Falconer Hall of the University of Toronto (84 Queen’s Park). Those interested may contact Nadia Gulezko (n.gulezko@utoronto.ca) for more information.