Professor Pascale Fournier recipient of the Capital Educators’ Award

On May 19th 2016, Pascale Fournier, Research Chair in Legal Pluralism and Comparative Law and Full Professor at the Civil Law Section of the University of Ottawa, had the honor of being awarded the Capital Educators’ Award by the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE). She received the award during “EduGala”, an annual celebration of excellence in teaching in the Ottawa region. This year, Professor Fournier is the only recipient from the University of Ottawa. Professor Fournier gave an acceptance speech and has spoken on local radio for the occasion.

Created in 2001, this annual award is given to educators from 10 education institution partners whose dedication and outstanding pedagogic work have positively impacted their students. The Capital Educators’ Award celebrates public education in the community – across the entire spectrum from kindergarten to PhD.

Photo de groupe

The recipients of the 2016 Capital Educators’ Awards

Praised for her dynamic and diversified teaching style, Professor Fournier is a positive influence in her students’ lives. A Harvard Doctor of Law, proud mother of three young children, and named « one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada » by the Canadian Lawyers Magazine in 2015, Professor Fournier is a constant source of inspiration for students of the Civil Law Section. Through her contagious passion for the Law and her genuine interest in her students’ academic and professional success, she trains purposeful, independent and perseverant future jurists. Professor Fournier’s teaching encourages intellectual rigour, dialogue and critical thinking.


Pascale Fournier with her husband, Xavier M. Milton (left) and with the Assistant Dean, Pierre Thibault

Professor Fournier’s nomination was exclusively put forward by her students. Two of the best recommendation letters were submitted to ONFE’s selection panel of community judges. Award recipients were selected and evaluated using two criteria: 1) demonstrated excellence in teaching, and 2) acting as a positive role model and/or making a difference in someone’s life.

  • Edugala 2016
  • Pascale Fournier et son papa Gilles Fournier
  • Pascale Fournier, with her father, her husband and the Assistant Dean
  • Pascale Fournier et Kathyrn McKinlay
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