Professor Pascale Fournier invited by SoDRUS for keynote lecture on Muslim women’s rights!

Professor Pascale Fournier will be honored to be the keynote speaker for the annual conference of the Centre de recherche Société, Droit et Religions of Sherbrooke University (SoDRUS). This year, the theme of the conference will be « Muslim communities in Canada: religion, law, and politics. Perspectives on vivre-ensemble in democratic spaces, identity pluralism and faith diversity ».

Organized by Dr. Safa Ben Saad, Professor Sami Aoun and Dr. Mohamed Ourya from the School of applied politics of Sherbrooke University, the conference will bring together international experts across various disciplines to discuss Islam and women’s rights in the context of Canadian family law. Discussions will focus on the integration of Muslim communities in the legal system and the « right to integration », the various identities of Muslim communities in Canada, as well as ethical challenges raised by Islam in the current political debate in Canada.

Professor Fournier’s expertise on women’s rights and Muslim communities in Canada, Europe, Lebanon and Israel is at the heart of this year’s annual conference. Professor Fournier, holder of the Research Chair in Legal Pluralism and Comparative Law, has focused her recent research on better understanding the experience of religious women in Middle Eastern countries and uncovering how Quebec and Canadian tribunals integrate religious family law from foreign countries, in accordance with Canadian and Quebec norms of private international law.