Pascale Fournier will publish in the European and International Journal of Tax law !

This spring, Professor Fournier will co-publish with her student, Anne-Sophie Ouellet, an article in the European and International Journal of Tax law, entitled « Union, disunion and reunion: tax analysis of families in Canada ». This article focuses on the definition of the « family » in Canadian tax law and on how this definition impacts the right to equality. This article distills the conclusion Professor Fournier had reached in the report she completed for the conference she preented at the Law Faculty of Neuchâtel University in Switzerland this past October, organized by the Professors Pascal Mahon, Olivier Guillod, and Thierry Obrist. The conference was examining how different understandings of the family impact equality of treatment in various jurisdictions, including Quebec. This special issue of the Journal will also publish the work of other experts who contributed to the conference in Neuchâtel.