Pascale Fournier honored by Cégep Garneau

On May 11 2016, Cégep Garneau, located in the heart of Québec City, celebrated the launch of its Association of graduates, which counts more than 61,000 members. The Association is unique in the Québécois collegiate community, where alumnus groups are rare and where dialogue is often pursued digitally.

The Association’s mission is to create, maintain and develop relationships amongst alumni and to foster a sense of community centering on Cégep Garneau. Furthermore, the Association creates a rich network of knowledge and expertise to inspire and to benefit current students.

In an effort to recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields, the Association showcases a series of Distinguished Graduates. The inaugural edition of the Distinguished Graduates series was announced during the ceremony on May 11, by the unveiling of the “Wall of Distinguished Graduate”. The Wall featured, among others, Professor Pascale Fournier, actors Emmanuel Bilodeau and Émilie Bibeau, singer-songwriter Bruno Pelletier, television hosts Évelyne Audet and Anick Dumontet, and Olympians Philippe and Vincent Marquis.

A graduate of Cégep Garneau in 1994, Professor Fournier was spokesperson of the Fondation du Cégep Garneau’s financial campaign from 2009 to 2012.

Professor Fournier shared the following words at the unveiling of the Wall of Distinguished Graduates: “It is at Garneau that I developed my curiosity for others and my passion for the diversity that animates us, the dreams and desires we harbour, the gods we secretly or publicly praise, the truths that make and break us. I got lost one thousand times in the “Room of those not lost”, in a philosophical and existential sense. Had I not been on this quest that was both allowed and encouraged, I would not have been able or have known how and why to search for my path. A Doctor of Law from Harvard University and a proud mother of three young children, I am Full Professor and Research Chair in Legal Pluralism and Comparative Law at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. I endeavour to train future jurists habilitated with sharp critical minds of their own. For me, true success means challenging obstacles. There is no child who has learnt to walk that has not fallen, risen, and fallen again.”

Each year, Cégep Garneau welcomes approximately 6,000 students in its regular programs and 2,000 in its continuing education programs. The quality of its training, the development of its international programs and the wide range of activities it offers distinguish the institution. Its strength is rooted in the professionalism of its staff and its devotion to education.

  • Pascale Fournier and Ilrick Duhamel
  • Pascale Fournier and Sylvie Fortin, Director of Communications
  • Pascale Fournier and her former professor Denys Lelièvre
  • Pascale Fournier, accompanied by her parents and director Mme Karen Bouchard
  • Pascale Fournier
  • Pascale Fournier and the Wall of Distinguished Graduates
  • Pascale Fournier and her father, Gilles Fournier
  • Pascale Fournier and her former professor Jean-Pierre Desbiens
  • The Gala!
  • Pascale Fournier and actor Emmanuel Bilodeau