Pascale Fournier comments on the Charter of values in the media

The general consutations on Bill 60 started last January 14th. In the extensive media coverage of the event, professor Fournier reiterated her critics, condemning the bill’s predujicial measures and its lack of a real purpose.

Prof. Fournier was interviewed by radio host Michel Picard for CBC’s Le midi trente and  spoke about the bill with host Mathieu Nadon during CBC’s  Téléjournal Ottawa-Gatineau (from 25:30).  She also published an opinion piece in the New York Times responding to the Quebec Minister of the Montreal area and international affairs and published an article in La Presse (Montreal) and in Le Droit (Ottawa) in which she criticizes the analogy between the civil servant’s political and religious neutrality.

The public hearings will continue until at least the early spring. To know more about the process and its results, visit the Quebec’s government website.

Famille Fournier-Milton (2)

Professor Fournier and her family at a protest against the Charter of values in September 2013

Le mari de Pascale Fournier et son plus jeune fils manifestant contre la Charte des valeurs

Professor Fournier’s husband and youngest son marching against the Charter of values in September 2013