Book Launch Events on November 19 in Ottawa and November 20 in Montreal

Pascale Fournier recently published her book Mariages musulmans, tribunaux d’Occident : Les transplantations juridiques et le regard du droit with the Presses de Sciences Po (Paris). This book, published in English in 2010 by Ashgate publishing, addresses the migration of Muslim family law towards Western courts. What place must Western countries give to Muslim legal norms and customs? In what ways do these norms penetrate Western legal systems? What are the impacts of this transplantation on the condition of women?

These questions, widely debated both in Europe and North America, are explored through the case study of mahr, a Muslim legal rule by virtue of which the future husband must pay a sum of money to the bride in consideration of the marriage. The book analyzes the legal treatment of mahr by German, Canadian, American and French courts seized with divorce petitions by Muslim couples. In describing the reception of mahr in four countries, Professor Fournier addresses the question of the protection of women through contract law, constitutional law, family law and private international law. This book, the English version of which has been reviewed in academic journals by no less than eight experts, offers an innovative take on a phenomenon that is new and challenging for Western societies.

Professor Fournier will participate in a collective book launch on Tuesday November 19 (4 pm) at the University of Ottawa’s Fauteux Hall. Ten law professors will be discussing their new books at this event organized by the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. Copies of Mariages musulmans, tribunaux d’Occident will be sold at the event. See you on November 19 at the University of Ottawa!

Professor Fournier will also participate in a book launch organized by the Trudeau Foundation on Wednesday November 20th at the Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal (5 to 7 pm, Room M-450). This event is organized by members of the Trudeau community to mark the 10th anniversary of the Foundation. Mr. Guy Berthiaume, Trudeau mentor and CEO of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, will be present along with 16 authors from the Trudeau Foundation community to discuss the books launched. Copies of Mariages musulmans, tribunaux d’Occident will be sold at the event, and Professor Fournier will partake in a book signing session at 7 pm. See you at the Grande Bibliothèque on November 20!

Ottawa Book Launch

Where: University of Ottawa, 
Fauteux Hall, Tsampalieros Atrium (3rd floor), 
 57 Louis Pasteur St.
, Ottawa

When: Tuesday November 19, 4 pm

Montreal Book Launch and Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Trudeau Foundation

Where: Grande Bibliothèque (Room M-450), 475, Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est, Montreal

When: Wednesday November 20, 5 pm to 7pm