Back from Scotland…

Professor Fournier is back in town, following a whirlwind visit to Scotland at the prestigious St Andrews University.

Professor Fournier had the pleasure of giving the School of Divinity’s 2016 Religion and Politics Lecture on March 31st 2016.

Her talk, entitled “Religion, Secular Law and Gender in Contemporary Europe and Canada”, provided a critical analysis of the intersectionality of religion, law and gender in contemporary comparative law.

Professor Fournier was welcomed by the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics (CSRP), with which she has been associated since 2005. During her stay, she had the honor of meeting with Professor Mario Aguilar, Director of the CSRP.


Founded in 2004, the CSRP aims to conduct collaborative research in many areas, including the practice of religion in political, social, historic and contemporary contexts.

The University of St Andrews is Scotland’s oldest university, founded in 1410. Throughout its history, it has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest universities in Britain. St Mary’s College, the home of the teaching of Divinity in the University, was founded in 1539 and is housed in one of Europe’s most beautiful campus, which features fine sixteenth-century buildings.

In addition to having the pleasure of meeting with leaders of Scottish theological and legal thought, Professor Fournier had the opportunity to share St Andrew’s beauty with her family. Her three sons – little princes in their own right – were delighted to explore the campus where Prince William studied.

Famille Fournier-Milton in St-Andrews 2016 (1)