Canada, Germany and Switzerland: October 2017 promises to be rich in speaking events for professor Fournier!

Next fall is set to be most enriching for professor Pascale Fournier, who will contribute to three national and international discussion forums in October 2017. Full professor of the Civil Law section of the University of Ottawa and Research Chair in Legal Pluralism and Comparative Law, she will have the pleasure of sharing her expertise in family and persons law with audiences from the judiciary, the academic world and the private sector in Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

Invited by the honorable madam justice Georgina Jackson of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, professor Fournier will start the month of October at the 42nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice in Montreal. An audience notably composed of approximately sixty-five federal, provincial and territorial judges will explore the theme of “Cultural and Religious Diversity in the Administration of Justice” during events taking place from October 2nd to 4th, 2017. On October 3rd, professor Fournier will participate in a panel discussion among fellow legal experts and will propose an answer to the age-old question: “Do we need an evolution of the law on equality rights?” Drawing on her experiences as Commissioner of the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission, professor Fournier will elaborate on issues arising at the intersection of gender, culture and religious diversity. From a practical perspective, she will explore the current and future role of public institutions in protecting and advancing the fundamental principle that is equality in Canadian law. Those interested can consult the Conference program and register here.


The Honorable Justice Guylène Beaugé (Superior Court of Quebec) and Justice Sheila Martin (Alberta Court of Appeal), Professor Pascale Fournier and the Dean Robert Leckey, Faculty of Law, McGill University

Professor Fournier’s conference tour will continue in Germany on October 17th at the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research of Humboldt University of Berlin (HUB). Invited by professors Gökce Yurdakul of HUB and Shai Lavi of Tel Aviv University, professor Fournier will give the keynote address of an international conference entitled “Contested Authorities over the Body: The State, the Secular, and the Religious”. This gathering of intellectual leaders from Europe and elsewhere aims to facilitate the trading of ideas and perspectives on the subject of body politics. In her talk entitled “Regulating Bodies & State Recognition: Jewish and Muslim Women in Contested Spaces in the West”, professor Fournier will draw on her field research in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada to explore intriguing patterns of religious women’s agency in the secular and religious world. Throughout, professor Fournier will insist on the lived experiences of religious women as narrated by religious women interviewed, in the hopes of contributing to a broader dialogue on the integration of minorities. Those interested can consult the Conference program and the abstracts of the panels here.


Finally, professor Fournier will end her tour of Europe in Switzerland, where she will participate in an international symposium on October 19th at the Faculty of Law of Université de Neuchâtel. Organised in the context of a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the symposium will explore equality of treatment within various family and community spheres and its legal consequences. Orchestrated by professors Pascal Mahon, Olivier Guillod and Thierry Obrist, this forum seeks to explore the evolution of the notion of what is a family and its many forms. Click here for Professor Fournier’s report. An expert witness in multiple family law cases and a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on the Rights of the Child of the University of Ottawa, professor Fournier will bring a Canadian perspective to the discussions and will focus on the principle of gender equality in intersecting religious and secular contexts.

Pascale Fournier’s lecture at the WZB, followed by Anna Korteweg’s and Yofi Tirosh’s wonderful reflections.